Media Hatem Salem is a full-service, integrated advertising agency and production firm based in Cairo, Egypt.
Paris 1987 the idea of the agency started.

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Paris 1987 the idea of the agency started.

Media Hatem Salem has grown from a start-up advertising agency in Cairo in 1991 to a leading creative communication and advertising company headquartered in Cairo with 3 hired global shooting studios in 3 major cities New York, Paris & Vienna. Media Hatem Salem is part of Hatem Salem group of agencies.

We are celebrating 30 years of communication & advertising passion:

Media Hatem Salem is a full-service, integrated advertising agency and production firm based in Cairo, Egypt, founded and managed by Hatem Salem a prominent media public figure who started his communication career since 1986. Our agency capabilities cover the entire marketing mix, from brand development and marketing strategy to advertising, PR and digital media.

Through a dynamic mix of above the line and below the line expertise we help our clients identify, understand, and build a relationship with their customers. We build our clients brands and businesses.

Working in the marketing and advertising business since 1991, we have a tremendous understanding of the individual needs of business.

 Our mission is to assess those needs and develop effective marketing tools to increase market share for your company.

We help businesses grow with the use of innovative technology and quality design from our team of professionals. We create effective interactive marketing campaigns.

Media Hatem Salem founder ideas of change are leading the agency. Hatem Salem started his mass communication career since 1986. We are celebrating with our President & Founder 30 years of communication passion.

For this reason, we fully redesigned our website. A big change. We believe that we have to lead the change if we don’t want to be led by change.

The Change

In a world of accelerated change, the future of a brand and business cannot be predicted precisely, but it can be imagined.

Today’s brands compete with new technologies, empowered consumers, shifting public attitudes, brand new contenders and much more. In order to keep their relevance among customers, managing change and uncertainty is a pre-requisite. Creating leading strategies and powerful ideas that allow our clients’ brands to become unique, irreplaceable,

in control and ahead is our purpose. Our agency works with a wide range of clients and company cultures. We all share a common ambition: to help our clients and their brands to be and remain the leaders they want to be, to Lead the Change.

The Unfair Creativity

We create the unfair ideas that give our clients an unfair advantage. Sometimes they’re great big ideas that transform entire organizations. Sometimes they’re nimble little ideas that hijack a conversation. Unfair ideas let us do more with less. They’re contagious. They’re talked about. One day, ideas like these may be commonplace, but utterly and wonderfully unfair.

We’ve assembled a collection of individuals who could probably do just about anything. Luckily for us (and you), they’ve made it their life’s work to save the world from bad, dumb, joyless advertising. The Creative team assignment is simple. Think up ideas. Brilliant, creative ideas that inspire consumers to engage with brands. Epic ideas that redefine the category and reorganize how people think. And oh yeah, be the first to do it, not the second.

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