Blue Star Award

Blue Star Award is an ‘avant-garde’ selection platform to celebrate success of brands, CEOs, public figures, factories and emerging brands.


Blue Star Award is created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of brands, factories, CEOs, public figures and working professionals in Egypt. Blue Star Award is certainly a distinctive honor based on current year market standing measured by consumer preference & expert analysis.


The award has a range of categories suited for any successful organization, brand, factory, CEOs, and public figures to tell their story.


Blue Star Award

Blue Star Award is a brand owned by Media Hatem Salem Communication Group, the owner and former organizer group who presented ratings, crowns and prizes at the following:

  • Tourism & Shopping Festival since 1997
  • International Branding Conference since 2009
  • International Chocolate Festival , Paris/Cairo since 2010
  • Cairo Fashion Week , established New York 1943, since 2015 Cairo
  • Cairo Mobile Film Festival, 20 countries awarded since 2016

Media Hatem Salem Communication Group delivered awards and evaluations were conducted by expert committees who honored and awarded hundreds of bodies, companies, individuals, cinemas and international and local business players.


Spend any time watching the night sky and you will recognize that stars have different colors. Some are white, others are yellow or red, and some are blue.
The color of a star comes from its temperature. The coolest stars appear red, while the hottest stars are blue.
Blue stars are blue because of the temperature of their surface. They are so hot and much more massive than the cooler stars in other colors.


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