Web Development

Our award-winning design team is the reason many clients work with us over and over. After years of successful execution and web prizes, Media Hatem Salem is now recognized as one of the top agencies in web design & development.

We create scalable, high-performance websites using the latest techniques and tools. Our developers are forward-thinking specialists who will integrate seamlessly into your project and deliver outstanding native experiences. We follow expert-level proficiency across multiple fields, specializations, and platforms.

Your website is the front door to your business. We ensure that the websites we develop have stellar curb appeal with striking design, are easily found with our SEO expertise, and provide intuitive navigation for every visitor. Whether it’s a one-page landing site for an event or a full publication with years of archives, our team can tackle projects at any scale.

· SEO Analysis + Improvements

· Custom WordPress sites

· Analytics Support

· Custom HTML

· Mobile-responsive Design


To ensure our clients’ success, we need to understand who they are and what their goals are – as a company, business, publication or individual. We want to make sure our client’s message is conveyed clearly and not only reaches, but has the most impact on the target audience.

Competitor Analysis

Beyond understanding our client’s goals, we need to know who else is out there with similar products. We thoroughly research our client’s competition, noting successful elements and opportunities for improvement. We then determine how to successfully celebrate the unique strengths of our clients to help them rise above.


From streamlining workflows to developing marketing strategies, we work to create a plan that works best for you and your team. This stage may include developing a proof-of-concept, outlining the copy structure and visual options for your project and/or providing comprehensive training so your team can work through production independently.


Your project becomes a part of our portfolio, so we want it to remain the best it can be. Whether you want to keep our team on call for consulting, train your team to maintain your project, or have us handle it, we will create a plan that ensures its lasting quality.

Feel free to contact us for more details or for a credential list or just send us a request of quotation


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