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We are a social media agency of makers, believers and make-believers. Our Social Strategists create ever-changing content designed to engage your audience and start a conversation. Our strengths reside in highly effective social media marketing campaigns that provoke action. We develop authentic conversations between you and your customers, in order to create commitment, through actions that match your performance objectives.


Whether your goal is to increase sales, raise brand awareness or simply promote an idea—we’ll develop a tailor fitted social media strategy designed to maximize your message’s effectiveness.

“Social power to engage fans”

The power of a social campaign that generates ROI rests in an engaged fan base. The typical 3% engagement metric across large Facebook pages reveals as fan size increases, engagement plummets. By prioritizing quality posts and fostering an active fan base, it’s no wonder our large Facebook pages average 15-60% in fan engagement.

“The impact of a single message”

Our posts reach millions. We take aim at the ideal target audience with a message that ensures the utmost reach.

“Hand Crafted”

Each post is hand crafted with care. Melding the perfect message and matching image is no easy task.

“Ad campaigns” are finely tuned machines.

We stay in constant flux to reach the most people at the minimal cost.

1. Run multiple ad campaigns.

2. select the best performer.

3. adapt the messaging.

4. create new ads.

5. shift the budgeting.

6. repeat.

“Careful Analysis”

We work overtime to compile the exact metrics necessary for a winning campaign.

– Evaluate the prospective audience to determine size, demographics, and geography

– Analyze the audience to select key issues and how many people respond to each issue

– Constantly researching post responses so as to create highly engaging messages

“Keeping an eye on things”

· Ad response monitoring

· Ad campaign adjustments

· Cultivation of positive page comments that achieve objectives.

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