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Media Hatem Salem Public Service Campaigns is about serving a social responsibility towards humanity, countries and causes.


From the time we began our company years ago, it was our belief that organizations launching a public service campaign should only have to make a single call to get all the necessary services for launching a successful public service campaign in all media. The spectrum of services we offer range from campaign planning, to evaluation in all media.

Our Mission

To produce, distribute and promote campaigns that improve everyday lives. Our memorable work inspires ongoing dialogue, engagement and action around significant public issues, creating a measurable difference in society.

Our Services

We create comprehensive, integrated communication campaigns that may include consumer research, media outreach, mobile content, public relations, public service announcements, school programs, social media, strategic partnership opportunities and website development.

To help sponsoring organizations have the greatest impact, we can also help develop a communications plan tailored to them, including audience segmentation, branding research, communication strategies, media recommendations and more.


You can tell a lot about a public service agency by looking at the kind of organizations they have served. We have had the privilege of working with the largest non-profits and government agencies in the country over the past years for public causes.

Core Values

Core Values are one of the things that most companies do not talk about, because they just assume that they exist. However, we have codified our core values, so that our employees and our production partners never forget why we exist, which is to give our clients the best service possible, while staying on time and under budget. Serving the community is our core value at Media Hatem Salem.

Good Causes

We do not just pay lip service to the field of public service advertising; we practice what we preach by creating public service campaigns, getting our partners to provide pro-bono services to important social issues, or provide a variety of services at no cost to organizations which cannot afford to launch campaigns on their own.

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