Among the top in-house production units in Egypt Media Hatem Salem production team is focused on enhancing the potential of television commercials, documentary film making, corporate films, corporate presentations, and so on. We believe that ad film making companies have a big role to play in business success.

During the past years, through unparalleled commitment and dedication to our clients, Media Hatem Salem has made our footprint in filmmaking production and content. From idea to completion, our mission is to provide our clients with creative productions and engaging and rewarding content to connect to their audience.

What do we make?

Enticing, engaging and emotionally appealing branded video content, digital campaigns and corporate films. At Media Hatem Salem, video production is about making the right connection between a brand and their audience.

How do we make it?

We listen, learn and understand our clients to come up with the best possible video content that will exceed client expectations. We specialize in cost efficient video production to make things look great without spending a fortune.

Where is it seen?

Our video production is all about making great content that resonates with your audience. Our team excels at bringing together best-in-class video production with massive reach and loyal audience.

Production Services include:

TV Commercials

Documentary Films

Commercial Presentations

Inboxing Videos

Viral Videos

Branded Video / Social Video Corporate Video Product video

Advertising Photography

Sports, adventure, lifestyle photography/Films

Storyboard Production

Location Scouting

Feel free to contact us for more details or for a credential list or just send us a request of quotation


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