Event Management

Over 25 years of experience creating events that connect emotionally and flow seamlessly.

Our agency is dedicated to supplying our clients with creative solutions, strategic planning and flawless production and execution of their event.

We work with our clients to understand their ethos and the message they wish to communicate. We then provide an unexpected, creative and individual event solution. As one of the leading event management companies in Egypt, we know our industry inside out and make it our mission to know all the greatest venues and how to work within them. We’re super creative and challenge ourselves to come up with the most unique, unusual and exciting event venues, designs and ideas.


Those magical moments of a sensational live event production would never materialize without the careful orchestration of logistics across multiple disciplines. Behind the scenes, we have command over all the moving pieces and this is why Media Hatem Salem shines as the trusted industry leader. With a solid strategy and project plan in hand, it’s now time to execute effectively.

Event Management Services include:

· Location and Venue Sourcing

· Location Setup & Planning

· Team Scheduling

· Speaking and Session Planning

· Event Timeline Planning: Who, What, Where and When

· Social Media Marketing Plans: Buzz Generation

· Corporate Event Planning

· People Traffic Flow Planning

· Seating

· Speaker/Artist Booking and Management

· Budget Management

· Food & Beverage

· Registration, Attendee Management, Reporting

· Onsite Staffing

· Timelines

· Program Management

· Logistical Support

· Content Development

· Speaker Coaching

· Custom Theatrical Entertainment

· Audio, Visual & Lighting

· Celebrity Talent Sourcing and Management

· Run of Show / Stage Management

· Webcast (live and recorded, virtual conferencing)

· Hotel/Hospitality

· Conference Production

· Registration

· Security

· Venue & Accommodation Management

· Event Portfolio Planning

Feel free to contact us for more details or for a credential list or just send us a request of quotation


Vannak kivételes helyzetek, amikor a pár nehéz fenntartani a kapcsolatokat, még akkor is, ha egy gyenge temperamentumú nő ínyenc nem lesz. ezen a honlapon hallottál valami olyanról, mint a szexi diszharmónia. A helyen fogyasztják, és nem a legkisebb nézeteltéréssel. De két pont van, ahol a nehézségek merülnek fel.

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