We grow our clients’ business by building brands. Finding solutions that are global when needed, or as singular as a simple human emotion. We build pioneering brands with purpose. We exist to help companies navigate the market, and drive long-term growth.

Media Hatem Salem seamlessly combines expertise in brand strategy, identity, digital, retail, environmental, product and service design to define and connect every aspect of a brand experience. We can start with a single touch point, or address holistic journeys for organizational and consumer brands, with a focus on delivering measurable business growth. Our work is hypothesis-driven, evidence-based and powered by rapid prototyping to help clients test, improve and deliver change to stay ahead of the market.

We build unique, holistic experiences that connect people and brands in meaningful ways. We do this through the creation and integration of products, services, behaviors, communications, and environments.

– Creative Idea

Develop an inspiring platform to bring the brand and business strategy to life. It is the lens that guides the brand’s expression and experience across all touchpoints.

– Experience Design

Shape how a brand is experienced through the cohesive design of specific products and touchpoints. We combine employee behavior, processes, environments, and technology to engage customers and generate value for the business.

– Identity Design

Create a unique and differentiating visual and verbal identity for all audiences at every level and touchpoint. We create a living, involving, and evolving expression based on the needs and aspirations of staff, customers, and all other stakeholders.

– Consumer Branding & Packaging

Create distinctive, appealing packaging designs and retail/merchandising systems. We work across all sectors and along the whole choice and loyalty journey. Using our deep understanding of shopper habits, needs, and desires, we drive awareness, engagement, and choice.

– User Experience

Design, structure, and develop interactive applications, interfaces, sites, and tools that shape more effective and coherent digital brand experiences.

– Service Design

Create, plan, structure, and prototype signature services by articulating how the customer experience should unfold over time. We develop services through the lens of people, processes, actions, and the touch-points required to support it.

– Messaging

Articulate the brand strategy by identifying the most important concepts to communicate in the marketplace. We identify how a brand should engage and communicate at every level, each crafted for specific audience needs.

– Voice

Define how a brand speaks with a distinctive personality, through communications and writing style. We create simple tools to enable the whole organization to communicate in a consistent and compelling manner, internally and externally.

– Content

Real-time written and visual content that continuously engages audiences on topics that drive conversation and consideration. We develop content across all media and channels, ranging from social media engagement to thought leadership platforms.

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Posted on January 8, 2018 in Services

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